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The Beatles--again!

Um, yeah, 75 icons. That's way too much. I knew I'd eventually have to unload all of the pictures I have saved of them.

[19] - Magical Mystery Tour

[56] - The Beatles

The Magical Mystery Tour is coming to take you away!Collapse )

73 New Icons!

Wow, I finally was inspired to make more icons. Almost all artsy ones this time, too. :)

[51] - The Peony Pavilion (Mudan ting), a Chinese kunqu opera by Tang Xianzu

[18] - Illustrations by Walter Crane (Beauty & the Beast, the Frog Prince, etc.)

[4] - Mansfield Park (2007)

[2] - Regency era lovebars

By busy world rejected, in my own world of retreat...Collapse )


Not really, though the subjects of my new icons have very little in common.

[7] - Regency

[3] - Pride & Prejudice

[27] - Kay Nielsen Illustrations (Corsets & Crinolines, East of the Sun, West of the Moon, etc.)

[9] - The Beatles

Iconoclasm!Collapse )

Friends-only banners {Beatles}

As I wanted a new layout, I made a top banner (look up ;D) and 12 friends only banners of the Beatles. I'm back on LJ now, probably because it is finals again and I want to distract myself. Hopefully my new layout will be easier to work with, as my old one kept clashing with my icons.

Behind the cut.

I have to admit, it's getting better...Collapse )

Fashion eras

I've finished these and my finals! :D Very nice. My favourite has to be # 8 (the first teaser). The first three Marie Antoinette ones I accidentally saved as GIFs, so they look really bad.

[6] - Marie Antoinette

[13] - 18th century fashion plates

[6] - Dion Clayton Calthrop

[2] - Regency portraits

[15] - Images from Georgette Heyer novels (also Regency)

[3] - 1940's magazine covers


One impulse from a vernal wood/ Can teach you more of man...Collapse )

The Roaring Twenties

I suppose that my icon muse has returned, with all of these icons I've just made.

[5] - Regency

[42] - 1920's

[1] - 1940's


Oh, for the bygone days when hats were only $1.95!Collapse )

Some Regency icons

I made these, slightly humourous, Regency icons a couple of days ago, based on fashion plates. Quite happy with them, I suppose.


Deinara wondered if there was more to life...Collapse )

Icon Dump

Some of these icons were made last night, for my journal characters at waxes_nostalgic, and others were made a long time ago, but I forgot to put them up. So, I suppose that I better put them up now rather than wait. I should probably also put up my friends only banner so that others can use it, but I think I'll wait until I have DW icons to go with it.

[4] Pride and Prejudice (2005)

[7] - The Count of Monte Cristo

[3] - "Anti-Byron"


I'm feeling uninspired lately...Collapse )

I don't usually post quizzes but....

I found these somewhat interesting.

Behind the cut...Collapse )

I find it interesting that I'm Beowulf.
I've needed an icon dump for a while, especially the Doctor Who ones, which I made before Thanksgiving. I made all of the Regency ones last night, when I decided to teach myself textures. It was fun, but maybe I should be a little more restrained in the future. :)

[18] - Doctor Who

[4] - David Tennant

[35] - Regency

[2] - Writers

And the first two Regency ones are also of Keats... but I didn't put them in with the writers ones because I made them with the Regency ones. I made the other Keats one way back in Halloween, for his birthday, but I never got around to posting it. And I made some more icons of Rose, because I have been neglecting her in my icon-making frenzy of the Doctor. :)

I got you this flower, and, well, I don't really like it, but, it's pretty and since you're pretty too, I thought you might...Collapse )