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Plushie Pattern

I made a plushie pattern, and since they are so small I can post it on here. :) It's a fan plushie of Bovril, from Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan series.


The pattern pieces

You will need to print out the second one twice. I just didn't want to have three pages of pattern. Anyway, if you print them out at 100%, your pieces should be right. You can scale them down or up as well, as long as you keep them at the same scale.


How to put Bovril together:
You will need:
1/3 yd of faux fur or other fabric
Buttons or safety eyes
Embroidery floss and needle
Fabric paint or marker

1. Lay out your fabric on a flat surface, and pin the six cut-out pattern pieces to the fabric, if possible fur side down. Cut around the pattern pieces and unpin them. Be sure to cut two of the body and tail pieces and four of the ear pieces. (You need to flip the body piece upside down when cutting the second one) If desired, you may want to use a less heavy fabric for the inside of the ear. You should have a total of eleven cut pieces of fabric.

2. You may sew the pieces together using a sewing machine or by hand. Start by sewing together the ear pieces on the curve, leaving the bottoms open. Trim seam allowances (I used about a 3/8” seam allowance, but you may use whatever you like as long as you remain consistent) and clip notches into the curves with scissors, so that they will lie flat. Flip them inside out and baste them upside down to the main body piece at the dotted line.

3. Take the head gusset and jaw pieces and stitch together at the two rounded points, making a curve by starting about ¼” down from the flattest part of the end on both sides. Open out, and pin to the side body pieces, placing the curved seam at the sharp nose point on the head, with the jaw piece nearly reaching the forepaw and the head gusset piece ending where the back begins to curve. Stitch to both body pieces, being careful to catch the ear pieces in the seam. Trim seams, clip curves, and flip inside out. If you are using safety eyes, snip tiny slits in the fabric and install them.

4. Continue by pinning and sewing the two side body pieces together at the back, ending about an inch above the tail notch. Then, take the belly piece and sew to the legs of the side body pieces. Leave an opening for the tail of about two inches. Next, sew the jaw piece to the belly piece. Trim seams and clip curves, then turn the entire plushie inside out. You may need to use the eraser end of a pencil to make the legs turn out entirely.

5. Take the two tail pieces and stitch them together on the curved edges. Turn and stuff with fiberfill stuffing. Then, stuff the rest of Bovril. Start with the head and legs, reaching your hand inside to pack them tightly. Then, fill the body. Insert the tail into the opening you stuffed and slipstitch carefully and invisibly from the outside.

6. If you did not use safety eyes, use buttons, embroidery, or felt to make eyes. You may make a felt nose to embroider on, or embroider a nose and mouth with embroidery floss.

7. Finally, draw on Bovril’s markings with fabric markers or paint. Be sure not to hug or squeeze Bovril until it is finished drying—no matter how cute it looks.

If you have any questions about these instructions, drop me an e-mail or post a comment here. Feel free to modify the pattern or redistribute it, but please do not take credit for my work.