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Things I sewed

My sister took these photos almost a year ago, and I've been meaning to post them for a while somewhere on the Internet, but didn't. So I guess that today is a good day to do it... on LJ. I think I posted my first sewing project on here, but I've sewed quite a lot since then. Anyway, this is only what I sewed from July 2007 (thereabouts) to about March 2008 (that's even more of a guess). I've got about as much that I haven't taken pictures of yet... I'll maybe put that up later.

It's all behind the cut, because its a bunch of really big photos and I don't want to clutter up anyone's friends page.

My first dress

Okay, this was the first thing I sewed, and it took me about two weeks. I wanted to make a Regency dress really badly, and I thought that I would probably give up sewing after I finished it. Not so, though! :) Anyway, this photo was taken with my period-correct underwear, though I took a few without it. It was so weird, when I first tried it on, because I thought I'd feel really accomplished, but I felt almost naked. I didn't really like wearing the dress until I made up a petticoat.

After that I made this hideous pink dress that didn't work. It's not shown here, obviously. But I think I made this around Thanksgiving:

I really like sixties fashion (almost as much as regency fashion) and the cut of it flatters me pretty well, I think. Only, not in this picture. For some reason, I look like a slim-fast advertisement, because I'm doing that ridiculous pose.

Another sixties dress. I call this one my Peacock blue or Hera dress. It's a little hard to pull off, though, so I don't wear it out much. It's also a really blurry picture--my camera's not the best, I guess, because it does this a lot.

My yellow submarine dress. I saw this fabric on the internet (it was called 'Abbey Road') and had to have it. Anyway, it's a bit long, but I hemmed it about a month ago so it looks much better now.

This is a dress from the seventies. It's supposed to look like this one at the Fashion Museum in Bath, UK. I obviously had some problems getting material. I still like this dress, but I think that I will ultimately try again, someday when I find better material and can maybe draft my own pattern for it. I still want that dress!

I made another Regency dress too, and it only took me one weekend. I guess it shows how much I improved in the time between them. Anyway, I think that this one looks much better than my first one (at least way it's made).

And I made two purses:

This one's for winter.

And this one's for summer. I also drafted the pattern myself (but it wasn't really that hard, since it's just squares). And they both have the Beatles on them. :)

Anyway, feel free to comment on them if you want to.



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Jun. 8th, 2009 06:36 pm (UTC)
Hi I just stopped by your journal after seeing some old posts in beatles graphics community and I just had to tell you that last purse is fabulous! It's Beatle-y but kind of camouflaged as well. Awesome!
Jun. 9th, 2009 10:52 pm (UTC)
thank you!
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