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[sticky post] Friends Only

At first my journal wasn't friends only, but I've posted links to it in so many places I'm now a bit worried about who is reading my stuff. So, comment and I will probably add you if we have an interest or two in common. :) And, of course, my icons and such are still public.

If you just want to add me so you can watch my icons, I don't mind. I don't add people back, though, unless they comment.

New Wordpress Blog

I've got a new blog where I'll be posting information about my writing, as well and book and manga reviews. If you have a wordpress, I'd love if you followed me there.


I'm not closing up my livejournal, though it has been neglected lately. I'll keep it for anything private, as my wordpress will be public.

Username change

I've just changed my username to "waxesnostalgic" which I use everywhere else. I was getting kind of tired of it being different. I haven't used "tabbycat5" anywhere for quite a while and as I started using it as a screen name back when I was thirteen, about ten years ago!

Anyway, just a heads up so that you won't go, "who is that strange person on my friends list?"

Vintage Thrift Store Find - $3.00 dress

I decided to stop into the thrift store a little bit today to see if they had any vintage sewing patterns. Well, I did find one, but I also found the cutest little black dress from the sixties (I think, it could also be from the fifties...) I just had to share my joy with the world. :D

See, it's so cute. It's black voile (probably a cotton/poly blend) with a wide, long pleated skirt, short, cuffed kimono sleeves and a wide collar with a black and white striped bow. Designed by Jack Mann, apparently (I couldn't find anything about him on the internet, except that he made a lot of cute dresses from the 50s, 60s and 70s that are selling for about $30-50 on etsy).

Anyway, this dress looked like a piece of crap when I found it. The bow was fraying (I tucked it under and slipstitched it shut), it had a one-inch hole in the side of the bodice, and it had no buttons. After working for a few hours, though, it's all better now. :) I also moved one of the snaps about an inch so that it would fit me in the waist. XD They were about to fall off anyway... I stole the buttons from a project I'm working on now, so I'll have to go and get some more just like it later. The buttons were $.75 apiece, so the dress was probably more like $4.50 altogether. I have some vintage buttons but they were too ugly to put on this dress. XD

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1920s Sewing Pattern

Yay! I finally found a 1920s vintage pattern that was cheap enough and attractive enough for me to actually want to buy. Its a size bigger than I usually get, but I've seen very few labeled in my size, so I don't know if they had pattern ease back then...

IT'S MINE! For $22 plus shipping. So I am very happy tonight. And it even has the side gores as I wanted... so I'm already thinking how I can use this pattern to make almost every 1920s dress I want. It can't be hard to modify.

So now this is the oldest piece in my rapidly growing vintage pattern collection. I should really open an etsy shop to sell all of the ones I pick up at thrift stores that I don't really want...

Anyway, I should go do my homework now.

Plushie Pattern

I made a plushie pattern, and since they are so small I can post it on here. :) It's a fan plushie of Bovril, from Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan series.

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1952 Fashions Coming In

So, I finally got it together and put together a decent batch of icons. We've got some vintage fashion magazines and Beatles icons. I also made a few friends only banners of the Beatles, since people seemed to have liked those.

I don't mind requests on the friends only banners. If you've got a pic that you'd really like to get made into a friends only banner, I don't mind making it. Mind you, I'm not exactly the best at it. :)

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Things I sewed

My sister took these photos almost a year ago, and I've been meaning to post them for a while somewhere on the Internet, but didn't. So I guess that today is a good day to do it... on LJ. I think I posted my first sewing project on here, but I've sewed quite a lot since then. Anyway, this is only what I sewed from July 2007 (thereabouts) to about March 2008 (that's even more of a guess). I've got about as much that I haven't taken pictures of yet... I'll maybe put that up later.

It's all behind the cut, because its a bunch of really big photos and I don't want to clutter up anyone's friends page.

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[36] - The Beatles

[70] - Terry Pratchett's Hogfather

[21] - John Keats

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Seventeen says, "It's young fashion!"

[41] - The Beatles

[30] - 1960's pattern envelopes

[12] - Joe Anderson

More icons for you. :) More of the same, I guess, though.
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